Friends of Airbending Media Productions, LLC

The following is a list of authors and friends we have worked with.  Please visit their sites and check out their books, blogs and CDs.  

Sara Barnard

A writer based in Odesa, TX, Sara writes historical romances and children's books.  She has recently finished book 4 of her "A Heart on Hold Series" titled "A Heart Forever Wild" (Soon to be converted into an audiobook by AMP), as well Book 1 in her Amish Romance Series "Rebekah's Quilt" (Available on Audiobook... and produced by... You guessed it... AMP).  Her children's titles include "The Big Bad Wolf isn't so Big and Bad", "Chunky Sugars", "Little Spoon" and "The ABC's of Texas Plants".   Her books are published by 5 Prince Publishing.

Carol Cottrill 

Carol is  a Nutritional Consultant who published her first book "The French Twist: 12 Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management" in 2012 through Morgan James Publishing.  It details the healthy eating habits of the French, and their focus on natural locally grown foods and a rejection of Fad Diets to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The Audiobook, beautifully narrated by Tiffany, was released last year.  (Tiffany was drawn to the book because we studied French together for three years in High School. Of course, she went to Paris after graduation, while I worked... Then she moved to Texas for 20 years...  )

Vinny Roth 

Vinny is a Northern Virginia based musician who released his first CD "2 Stratz are Better Than One" in 2007.  He is finishing up his second CD for a summer release in 2014.  He may look like your average plumber, but he has tons more guitar licks in his repertoire than jokes...  (Seriously, he only knows 2 jokes!)  He is also an excellent guitar teacher and will soon publish a book on the Pentatonic Scale as well as an instructional video.  

Pam Stucky 

Pam is based in Seattle, WA and author of the "Wishing Rock" Series of books with recipes.  The series focuses on an eclectic town of people that all live in a single building.  The story is told through letters, email and text exchanges between the characters, all interspersed with recipes tried and tested by the inhabitants of Wishing Rock.  All three books "Letters From Wishing Rock",  "The Wishing Rock Theory of Life", and "The Tides of Wishing Rock" are being produced and scheduled for release later this year by "Airbending Media Productions."  (Read the last part out loud with Reverb...  so much cooler that way.)

T.W. Fendley

T. W. Fendley writes historical fantasy and science fiction for adults and young adults. Her award-winning debut novel, ZERO TIME, melds ancient Maya history with New Age spirituality and time travel. Teresa’s short stories have also earned national recognition. She began writing fiction full-time in 2007 after working more than 25 years in journalism and corporate communication. When she’s not writing, she travels with her artist husband and tests practical uses of remote viewing. Teresa currently calls the St. Louis-area home, but returns whenever possible to visit with her friends in New Orleans, Washington DC, and her hometown of Little Rock. Learn more at

Fred Yager

A communications executive and former reporter and entertainment writer for the Associated Press, Fred has published nine books including two career reference books (Career Opportunities in the Publishing Industry and Career Opportunities in the Film Industry), three young adult sci-fi novels (Sound from a Star, Cybersona, and Rex), two adult suspense novels (Untimely Death and Just Your Everyday People) and two poetry collections (The Healing Power of Mourning and In Love and Work). He is married to author and publishing executive Jan Yager. They live in Connecticut and have two grown sons and a grandson.

Jan Yager

Jan Yager who has a Ph.D. in sociology from The City University of New York Graduate Center and an M.A. in criminal justice from Goddard College, is a professional speaker, coach, consultant, artist, and publishing executive whose 35 books have been translated into more than 30 languages. Her books published by Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc. include: Business Protocol; Work Less, Do More; Effective Business and Nonfiction Writing; Productive Relationships; Grow Global; Creative Time Management for the New Millennium;Who’s That Sitting at My Desk; Friendshifts; 125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life; and Road Signs on Life’s Journey; The Cantaloupe Cat; The Healing Power of Mourning: Poems; In Love and Work: Poems; Untimely Death; Just Your Everyday People; and The Pretty One; 365 Daily Affirmations for Happiness’; 365 Daily Affirmations for Time Management; 365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship; 365 Daily Affirmations for Creative Weight Management; Birthday Tracker & Journal; and Friendship Journal.

Jeff Hider

Jeff is the secret weapon here at Airbending Media Productions, LLC.  While not officially a team member, he is however an official unofficial member.  Jeff's talents and skills are like that of a multimedia ninja, especially when it comes to photo shoots and video editing... you won't notice he's there and before you know it... you've been Photoshopped.  See that awesome logo plastered all over this site... yeah that was Jeff's... (well Sean designed it originally)... but Jeff AMP'D it up!   If you want to AMP Up your video production or web graphics, you call us and then we'll call Jeff.