Welcome to Airbending Media Productions!!!

I know what you're probably thinking.  What is up with the name Airbending?  The most rational explanation is that sound waves bend the air around us triggering an auditory response.  Sounds scientific, maybe even important...  Something worthy of Bill Nye the Science Guy... or as my kids like to chant "Bill!  Bill!  Bill!  Bill!"  And while there may be some truth to that explanation given that our primary focus at this point is recording audio books, it's not the entire story.  

You see, there used to be this show called "Avatar: The Last Airbender."  It was on in and around the time my son was a toddler.  We didn't really watch it because at the time, our TV Viewing consisted of way too much Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, and pretty much the entire Nick Jr. programming lineup.  TV geared towards adults... well forget it.  Anyway, "Avatar" (it predates James Cameron's epic on blue people and their struggles)  was on at that time and as it was a serial, we didn't watch it too often because we were already on Cartoon overload.  To get to that point took alot.  Afterall, I did a senior thesis on the birth of animated cartoons in college.  

But as is typical, kids grow up.  My son got older and eventually switched from Nick Jr. to full time Nickelodeon.  He was in 1st grade by this time and a new show titled "The Legend of Korra" came on.  It was a sequel to "Avatar" and we both took to it right away.  Naturally, I had to look back on what I missed and thus began my first binge watching experience with Netflix.  I finally watched the 3 seasons of "Avatar: The Last Airbender."  And it was "AWESOME!"  The story and characters were perfect for someone like me who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy and all that good vs. evil stuff and heroes journey and rogue scoundrels and strange creatures and a fully realized universe.  Yeah, it was that good!  Tiffany was living in Texas at the time and whenever we would chat via Facetime, she'd get a slight grin on her face that said, "I'm dating a dork who likes kids shows!"  True!  But it doesn't change the fact that the show was... dare I say it again... "AWESOME!"  

Eventually Tiffany moved to Virginia with our baby girl and along with me and my boy, we became the quintessential nuclear family.  Father, Mother, son, daughter...  and four cats...(Another story for another time!)  And as Tiffany learned quickly, things on regular prime time television that you never gave a second thought to suddenly seemed inappropriate with kids in the room.  Not that we were offended but maybe there would be less explaining to do if we kept the shows more family friendly... while the kids were awake.  There was my opening.  "I know a show that is family friendly and dare I say AWESOME as well...  It is a little show we call "Avatar: The Last Airbender."  And we watched it... all of us... together... as a family... and Tiffany "LIKED IT."  She even requested it some nights.  Suddenly my fascination with this show... and the fact that I bought the follow on comic books didn't seem so strange.  

Fast forward another year.. year and a half...  Tiffany and I are starting our own business. We've been recording Audiobooks through ACX and getting steady work.  But we want to become more professional, open ourselves up to other projects that piqued our interest.  We needed a name.  A cool name.  A memorable name.  Something that says "This company rocks!"  Or something similar but more business sounding.  We texted back and forth... I upstairs at my workstation editing, she downstairs with the kids.  Yes, we are a modern family.  We text between floor levels.  It helps to foster an open communication between us.  Anyway, on my desk was an Avatar comic book.  Being silly I texted... "how about Airbending Audio Productions" thinking she would scoff or send an "LOL!" or an "ROTFL" if she was extremely tickled.  And she did sort of... because attached to the LOL were the words "I really like that." It made sense!  Airbending was befitting of audio and it was really cool too.  But the initials "AAP" didn't work for Tiffany.  We went back and forth until we hit on "Airbending Media Productions" or "AMP".  YES!  That would be the name.  Airbending alone was cool but the initials AMP...  Hey, I'm a guitar player...  AMPS are sweet!  And we hit on "Let us AMP up your production!"  Oh yeah...  this was working for both of us.  We had a business name.  We had a focus.  We had a plan.  

And right now that plan is underway.  As I said, we are starting with Audio Books.  But we won't stop there.  We have dreams and ambitions.  We have two kids that someday must go to college.  And three cats... (Poor Romeo.  He was a good cat!)  We know creative people!  We have creative friends!  And most importantly, we like working on things that we can be passionate about and truly enjoy.  And we like working with people that feel the same way about their creative endeavors.  So stay tuned... More to come in the always evolving future!!!