What the... and Goodbye?

So we go out of our way to start a business and establish a web presence (hmm... Presence... a really good Led Zeppelin album if I do say so myself... but I digress), develop a blog and then not post anything.  What gives?  Well... to be honest... lots!  We have been busy lately working on some really cool titles.  We finished "Immortal Weaver" by Sophia Myers which just went up on Audible today, finished our first kids book "Ellie + Ace: The Case of the Bedtime Bandit" as well as the holiday stories "A Mommy for Christmas/Meant to be... Always" (A twofer... as in two stories under one title... in this case listed under "A Mommy for Christmas".)   We are also deep into production of "When You Come Home", a true story detailing the experience of a World War II widow.  

Plus there has been the usual calamity and hair pulling experiences that go with raising a 9 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.  Don't kid yourselves... they may be 7 years apart, but they form a very strong and united front.  We have dubbed them "Destructo Boy and Disaster Girl."  Hmm... that could make for a very cool comic... mental note... contact Jeff (see Friends of AMP Page)...

But the biggest time factor has been our preparations in saying good bye to my first wife and my sons mother Wendi, who passed away on March 3, 2014 as a result of Huntington's Disease.  In time, I plan to write something more about Wendi and her experiences with Huntington's, but for now we are planning "A Celebration of Life" for her this Sunday.  And I have been knee deep in the production/rerecording of a song I originally wrote for her and recorded in a bedroom at mine and  Wendi's old house shortly after we got married 11 years ago.  This time though,Tiffany added lovely backing vocals, Vinny Roth helped me get through it and added a sweet guitar part, and Evan even added a little something as tribute to his mom.  And now we go on to the mix phase in time for it to be added to a special video presentation displaying pics of Wendi throughout her life.   

But we will have more details about upcoming projects and even spotlight some of the ones we've already done.  We have the audio files... we can do what we want... and we choose marketing... Hey, we're a business...  it's what we do!