It's a kid's world... We just narrate it!!!

I remember it well.  We had just started down the path of audiobookdom when Tiffany came over to me one day and said...  "I want to do..." (dramatic pause as she looks off the hypothetical stage at nothing in particular)  "A children's book!!!"  She then closed her eyes, tilted her head back and placed the back of her hand onto her forehead.  She held that pose for a couple of beats then said "And scene."

"Yeah, okay." I said.  I'm not a thespian, but I support them and have no problems with thespians being allowed to marry each other either.  I'm totally chill.  So we began scouring ACX for kids books.  We auditioned and auditioned and auditioned, had lunch, loaded the dishwasher and auditioned some more.  Nothing!  

"I don't understand," Tiffany said.  "Am I not woman enough to entertain children?  I was once a clown you know.  Spif Tiff they called me, and I... Was... Brilliant!  BRILLIANT!  I know how to make children smile and laugh.  Life is hard, yet I bring them joy!   Do the unwashed masses not recognize the light I am bringing into their darkened lives?  Tell me my engineering tech monkey!  Tell me!"

"I dunno," I said.  "You wanna keep recording or what?"

"Fine!" She said.  "I am nothing if not professional.  Just roll me in."   (she even rolled her 'r' when she said roll. Classy.)

She kept at it, her persistence unwavering.  Finally we landed the series "Ellie and Ace" by Tangerine Toodles and Wednesday Whistlehoot.  (I have a hunch those are pen names.). And as I type this, she just finished  reviewing book 4 in the series, "The Case of the Quick Quack Sneak Attack."  "A brilliant performance as always Tiffany!" She just exclaimed (even rolled her 'r' again on brilliant.  Totally classy.)

I have to say, listening to these books is a lot of fun.  No longer are all her weird voices stuck in her head.  There's a plus side and a negative side to that really but within the context of the books, I'm cool with it.  And besides, she's wanted to do something that she could share with our daughter.  (Actors!  They have a kid and suddenly they want to do family friendly projects.)

As mentioned, we just finished the fourth book in the series, and next I'll assemble all four into a compilation.  You can then revel in the brilliance of Tiffany four times over in one sitting.  As for our 2 year old daughter, she hasn't listened yet, more fascinated by "Wallykazaam" on Nickelodeon. And we can't tear our 9 year old away from watching the "Cosmos" ad-nauseum on the DVR.  But for those of you with kids between 5-7... Or even 4-8, check out "Ellie and Ace."  They're a great way to entertain them in the car for 20 minutes or so, especially if you're sick of listening to the "Frozen" Soundtrack.  Just a suggestion.  

Tiffany Time now....(This outta be good - SW)  For the record, I am no where near as dramatic as Sean has implied (yeah right - SW)... I knew all along that the children's book series would come to us and I would be the Grand Dame of Silly Narration from then on!  (Aaaaaand you proved my point... - SW)

Scene.  (Of course - SW)

Actors!  Always so dramatic!!!

Actors!  Always so dramatic!!!