So much time, so little to do... Wait. Back up. Reverse that!

Evan's Birthday Party Video from 2009.  It's a low res version but it's nice seeing Wendi still active in the early stages of Huntington's Disease


I have an idea.  That shouldn't be a problem except that I have lots of ideas.  Things I want to work on creatively before the veil of darkness descends upon my existence.  Whoa!  Heavy!  

As it stands, my brain is great at coming up with things to work on, but the clock and the calendar don't always accommodate the time necessary to accomplish them.  Hopefully Tiffany, aka "The Calendar Whisperer" can get it all sorted out.  She's the keeper of the keys of time around here.  Even before she left Texas and moved to Virginia, she sent me a calendar to help keep track of my many tasks, scheduled appointments and events.  At the time I had to keep up with Evan and take care of Wendi as her Huntington's Disease started progressing rapidly, plus I was working full time as a government consultant.  I noticed, however,  that Calendars only work if you remember to actually put things on them.  Granted, I've had a calendar function in my email programs and on my smartphone for years.  Wendi was an early adopter of the old Palm Pilots back before the concept of the smart phone, and she loved using those calendar features.  Me?  Never been great at it.  My wallet is full of appointment cards that fall out every so often only to remind me that something important is happening TODAY!  

Well, no more... Tiffany maintains a master calendar that we keep on the wall in the foyer so that we always know what is just around the corner.  How else would we manage all these books?  But what's been missing is time worked in for other endeavors.  For me that involves music.  I would never call myself a stellar musician but I do like to dabble in the creative art of melody making from time to time.  It's just always been difficult to work in the time.  If anyone has looked at pictures of our studio, they'll see there are quite a few guitars in the room.  And that is only a small representation of the total collection.  I recently added a killer analog synthesizer.  I am a sucker for analog.  I even use a plug in on our audiobooks that emulates an analog mastering tape deck. It's subtle.  It helps raise the volume up a bit, like a compressor but it sounds just a bit warmer.  That's such an overused term but it fits.  Anyway that's a different topic.

Years ago, I wrote a song for Evan's fourth birthday called "Happy Birthday." Original title huh?  Jeff came down for the party and filmed Evan's birthday celebration.  Most of the footage took place outside because Jeff forgot that the red light on his video camera meant "Recording" and green meant "Paused."  So we didn't get much footage inside during the opening of presents and eating of cake.  But there was still enough footage to work with.  I recorded the song, after the fact as usual, and sent it to Jeff.  He edited his video footage, added a sepia tone to some earlier videos, a sentimental piano melody as the intro and then my raucous mess of a song.  It was a masterpiece!  Well, if not that, it was pretty cool.  From that point on, Tiffany started bugging me about recording a kids album.  Uh-huh!  Like I have time for that.  Besides, I rock!  And when I rock, I rock hard man, like it's nobody's business.  Yeah right!  But I never really thought about recording a kids album.  And really who has time to record an entire album anyway.  Aren't all the musical pundits claiming that we're in an age where it's all about the singles now.  Albums are dead man.  Who has time for artistic expressions?  Don't bore us, get to the chorus!  Well anyway, that's what I keep reading.

So after all this incessant babbling, what is the point?  My hope is that my beloved wife and task master... I mean calendar whisperer has figured out a way for me to get some of these ideas out of my head and into the world at large.  I think if I can do that, I'll have far fewer headaches.  Much like our time on Earth, our cranial space has a finite limit.  Need to do a memory dump so that I can speed up the mental processors.  With a little help from Vinny Roth, local musician and guitarist extraordinaire, I hope to begin work on some tunes that capture the joy, the fun, and the head banging frustration of parenting, but in a way only I can.  And it will rock.  I when I say rock, I mean it will rock hard, like it's nobody's business.  Rock isn't dead man.  It lives in the hearts and minds of those of us who still believe... and are fortunate enough to have a home studio, talented friends and a wife who is generous enough to make time on our calendar.