Tiffany Joins UMANO and Upcoming Books

It's been a very busy fall. As I write this, I am watching the snow fall outside my window.  Yeah?  After last winter, I'm not so sure that's a good sign of what this winter will hold.  As Charlie Brown would say "Good Grief."  

As we've posted on our Facebook Page, Tiffany has become a reader for UMANO.  What is Umano?  UMANO allows you to listen to news articles and features from all over the internet being read by an actual human.  If you're like most of us, reading in a moving vehicle is nausea inducing.  If you have to commute to work in a carpool or use public transportation, this limits your options on how to keep up with what interests you.  Enter UMANO... an App that scours the internet for the most interesting articles and has real people narrate them so you can listen on the go.  So check it out, and be sure an follow Tiffany.  We'll be posting links to some of her more popular articles on our UMANO page.  

We've also had a few audiobooks hit the servers in the past month or so.  The inspirational and touching "You Are Loved", the Easter Themed Romance "Like a Lilly" and even a cookbook, "The Cast Iron Cookbook."  

Also in the works are "Veganish", "The Budget Cookbook" and of course Part 2 in the Wishing Rock Trilogy "The Wishing Rock Theory of Life: A Novel with Recipes."  

Given that four of the six books mentioned above involve recipes, I want to tell everyone to have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!