We recently finished production on Solar Lullaby by T. W. Fendley, our first foray into science fiction.  It was quite fun... At least for me. Listening to Tiffany try to say Electro Magnetic Pulse Radiation Environmental Simulator for Ships was  extremely enjoyable.  The story itself was quite tense, with Tiffany's reading capturing the extreme tension between the characters given the extraordinary circumstances they are faced with.  In this case,  First Contact with a sentient being that could destroy life as we know it.  Makes for a compelling read... Or in this case, Listen.  Available soon at Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  

Solar Lullaby:    Dr. Flare Haich offers the only hope for diverting a solar flare that will dwarf the 2012 Mayan Event, which killed her parents and a half-billion others. She must overcome the betrayal of one she trusted and launch Empress III to keep the Sun’s fiery message from scorching the Earth as One Imix—the time of new beginnings—arrives.