Just Released and Coming Soon!!!

Just released on Audible and Amazon, the audiobook of Nancy Cavin Pitts "When You Come Home" published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.  We detailed this book a little over a week ago in What's New!  

Also, we have three more audiobooks that will be appearing soon.  First up, "You Might As Well Laugh: A Working Mother's #1 Rule."  This is a collection of columns from writer Sandi Kahn Shelton originally published in the New Haven Register and Working Mother Magazine in the late 80's and throughout the 90's.  If you grew up during that time period and are now experiencing the joys of parenthood, or were busy raising kids during that time frame, you will enjoy this book.  Throughout the recording, Tiffany kept breaking out into fits of laughter which often brought our recording sessions to a temporary halt.  Again, maybe I'm biased but this was a wonderful performance by Tiffany.  It's like listening to a one woman show.  The Publisher, Bruce L. Bortz of Bancroft Press summed it up succinctly when assessing Tiffany's performance "Only one word to describe it: delightful!"

Also, coming soon, books 3 and 4 in the "Ellie + Ace" Series, by Tangerine Toodles and Wednesday Whistlehoot (I still think those are pseudonyms... but you never know.  Maybe their parents were celebrities or something.)  Book 3 "The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutt" finds Ace acting strange and Ellie trying everything to figure out the mystery behind his peculiar behavior.  A trip to the vet offers a solution that even Ellie didn't foresee.  

Book 4 "The Case of the Quick Quack Sneak Attack" has Ellie investigating allegations of cheating during the Annual Rubber Ducky Race.  Her brother, who finished second the year before is convinced that he was robbed of victory.  While Ellie initially dismisses his ramblings as those of a sore loser, she and Ace begin investigating upon discovery that each year the race has been won by someone from out of town.  After over hearing a conversation at the library and checking out the course, Ellie and Ace set a trap to catch the suspected cheater.

Also, look for "Ellie + Ace: The Case Files", a Compilation of books 1-4 in the not too distant future.  And by "not too distant" I mean, late May... possibly early June.  Really, it depends on ACX on how fast they turn these things around.  Just sayin'!