You Might as Well Laugh and Ellie & Ace Hit the... download servers???

I feel like blurting out the taglines from those old Kemp Mill Records commercials - "KEMP MILL RECORDS BREAKS ITS OWN RECORD!" Although watching those records getting smashed to pieces by a hammer was really distressing.  Hopefully it was a Donny Osmond record or something and not anything cool like Kiss, or Zeppelin or ABBA (okay, that one is for Tiffany's sake...  I'll give props to ABBA but not Shaun Cassidy... Got that?!?!?!) 


Yeah, not the same, but hey... we have had four titles go up on iTunes, Amazon, and of course Audible in the last few days.  

First up -- YOU MIGHT AS WELL LAUGH!  Avid Readers of our website... or our website's Avid Reader (Hi Jeff!) can remember us referencing this title a while back.  It's a collection of humor columns written by Sandi Kahn Shelton in the late 80's and early 90's...  Exciting times man, exciting times.  Recording this was like a time warp for us.  I felt so disaffected and full of irony.  Okay, not really... because it focuses mostly on parenting, and no matter the decade, parenting hasn't changed because kids, no matter what anyone might tell you, haven't changed.  And eventhough the technology has changed, the struggles with emerging technologies hasn't.  And as I type this, my daughter is in the other room dropping a big blue plastic bowling ball while saying "Momma change my butt!!!"  Toddlers!  So demanding!  

Anyway, this book is aptly titled and a fun listen.  Tiffany enjoyed herself throughout the recording and had more than a few laughing fits that stopped production.  

Also, recently released Books 3 and 4 from Ellie & Ace: "The Case of the Mixed-up Mutt" and "The Case of the Quick Quack Sneak Attack."  Also, just released yesterday "Ellie + Ace: The Case Files (Books 1 - 4)"...  A bargain at twice the price... Okay, off the top of my head, I don't know what the price really is.  But still, 4 books, 1 price.. all awesome and excellent and kid friendly and...  whoops... one too many conjunctions violates the rule of three.  Still, we love this series... and by We I mean Tiffany and I... not We as in The Royal We...  this is an equal partnership...  I'm not just Wesley going around saying "As You Wish..."  I am the Dread Pirate Roberts....  

If this all sounds random and disjointed, remember that we just returned from New York City and the Audio Publishers Associations Conference yesterday.  I am disjointed and trying to readjust to life as a recording engineer competing with noisy kids and cats.  And my iPad broke this week so I am totally bummed about that.  I only had one payment left!!!  Sigh!  Anyway, check out these books.