Letters from Wishing Rock Completed?

"Letters from Wishing Rock" has been completed.  I really should have written that in active voice.  Maybe....  Finished have we "Letters from Wishing Rock."  Wow!  How Yoda!  I feel so Jedi right now.  Did I just use Jedi as an adjective.   Anyway, we have uploaded and we await our author's review.  This is Pam's baby...  we just helped it move into a new developmental stage... that being Audiobooks... it's a metaphor... or is that a simile?  Either way, we're excited and after a week off we will begin book two.  Okay, I always forget which one is book two.  Is it Tides or Theory...  Please wait while I check...  It is "The Wishing Rock Theory of Life."  See I knew.  Why would you think I didn't know that?  What?  You think I have to check with Tiffany about EVERYTHING?  Well I don't.  I simply check our schedule...  Leave me alone!  Anyway, as I was saying, we will start book two and/or make modifications to "Letters".  Hey it happens.  Even with our rigorous screening process, words can get mispronounced.  Especially if they're Scottish, or Hawaiian, or... *Gasp*  Seattlean... or is it Wishing Rocktonian...  Well, actually it's Rockers according to Millie.  I now present to you the first five minutes of Wishing Rock.