Up to the minute and up to date

You'd think we weren't doing anything around here with all the radio silence.  Of course we have posted a few things about our upcoming HD Walk in memory of my first wife Wendi.  But not much in the way of Audiobooks.  That is our primary business at the moment is it not?  Why yes... yes it is. 

So what do we have in progress?  Soon we hope to start book 2 in the Wishing Rock trilogy.  We have a few corrections to make in "July" and we can then put book 1 to bed, or at least turn it over to ACX and before it becomes available to purchase on Audible.  We would have done this sooner but there was a breakdown in communication... that is the author's email never made it to our inbox on ACX.  (Not the first time this has happened.  Tisk-tisk.  For shame ACX!  For shame!)  

We are also finishing up our tag team poetry book "In Love and Work" by Fred Yager and Jan Yager.  This will be my first attempt at narrating and I'm not sure I have the intestinal fortitude to try again.  Makes me appreciate the work Tiffany does in the booth that much more.  Editing myself was torture.  I like editing Tiffany's work much more.  

We also have two more shorter productions ongoing.  One is the book "You Are Loved: Letters from Strangers Who Love You."  It's a collection of inspirational letters for anyone out there who feels insignificant and questions their desire to continue on.  Remember, even if life is painful sometimes and unbearable, you are loved by someone and your existence is important even if it may not feel like it.  In light of the tragic death of Robin Williams last month, this message is very timely.  We always like things that are life affirming.  

We also have another romance in the works, titled "Like a Lilly"  by Victoria Pitts-Caine.  It's a short story about a woman who opens her own business in a small town and unexpectedly finds love.  

And on top of these projects, Tiffany and I are each dealing with a lovely head cold.  Or it's allergies brought on by the changing seasons.  I don't know.  Either way, it's been a rough week. But we are determined to push through.  Our public demands excellence, and we shall deliver it.  Although to be honest, I really could use a lie down.  :-(