Airbending Media Steps Up for HD!

This weekend, we took part in the Team Hope Walk/5k Run to raise awareness and money for Huntington's Disease research in hopes of some day finding a cure.  I've posted a few times on this site about my first wife Wendi, her struggles with and ultimately her death from the disease, and how Tiffany helped Evan and I survive the ordeal over the past few years.  To those unfamiliar with the disease, it's pretty hard to comprehend the whole dynamic of our crazy family.  All I can say is that sometimes circumstances require you to toss aside conventional wisdom and redefine what life should be in order to survive and be happy.  And when it comes to Tiffany... it's amazing the depths of compassion and love she holds for us that she chose to be with me and Evan as well as stand up to raise awareness for Huntington's Disease and keep Wendi's memory alive.  Plus we have a beautiful and equally amazing daughter in Alexandra as well.  :-)  

Anyway, we walked in memory of my first wife and the mother of my 9 year old son, Wendi Williams.  And afterwards Tiffany and I, along with Evan and Wendi's Best Friend and Maid of Honor at our wedding in 2002, Sunday Blanchard, took the HD Pie in the Face Challenge.  And below we have the video showing the extreme joy of having whipped cream smashed into one's face.