RiDONKulous Questions with Author Regina Duke

Released last week, USA Today's Best-Selling Author Regina Duke's "The Wedding Wager" was a fun audiobook to record.  Any book with a  character as kooky as Karla is bound to be fun and we are so hoping she gets her own story in the future.  *hint hint* Karla aside,  "The Wedding Wager" is the story of Kevin and Megan, two people each caught in a financial predicament who agree to help each other out by getting married.  Could such a "business" arrangement lead to true love.  Well you'll just have to listen to find out.  We'd like to thank for giving us the opportunity to produce this book and taking time to answer our RiDONKulous questions.   As always, the people answering these questions are extremely bright and talented with wonderful senses of humor.  They have to be in order to answer some of the ridiculous questions we come up with.  

I assume sweet romance determines what chocolate best accompanies your story. What do you recommend for semi-sweet? Bitter-sweet? What about for a dark chocolate truffle with hazelnuts and a tinge of cinnamon?

Regina: LOL! I love this question. My stories are definitely sweet milk chocolate with occasional nuts and dabs of marshmallow. As for the chocolate that is best to eat while reading, you may simply choose your favorite. The flavors will mingle beautifully.


Who won the actual Wedding Wager? Did they stop in Reno to check the odds first? Is that where Kevins bookie resides?

Regina: Kevins father lost the wager. Megan and Kevin were dragged into the wager by his money-grubbing father who bet his rich friends that his son would not do what was necessary to collect his inheritance. So I suppose that means Kevin and Megan won! As for bookies, Megan would never stand for that. And Kevin is far too sensible to place bets with his siblings money.


Granted Karla is a bit creepy and kooky, maybe even mysterious and spooky, and certainly all together ooky, but why does no one address the real elephant in the room in that Kevin left his family behind to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming the next Paul Bunyan? Seems a bit weird to me.

Regina: As any parent knows, teenagers can act first and think later. When Kevin was near the end of his high school senior, he and his father had a huge fight, and Kevin left. He chose a college on the other side of the country and tried his best to never go home. He wanted to be completely different than his father, so he chose to work with his hands in the woods. But as the years passed, he gained lots of insight and missed his siblings terribly. His loyal streak won out, and he decided he had to do whatever it took to secure his inheritance and make sure his brother and sister did not lose theirs.


Given that the accident wasnt Megans fault, will Krystals power house attorneys go after the insurance company to recoup the outstanding cost on her medical bills?

Regina: Oh gosh, thats a great idea! I may have to work that aspect into a future book!


Why are there so many Billionaires in Colorado?

Regina: LOL! Most of them, it turns out, are in Eagles Toe. You wont find it on a map, but its theoretically somewhere between Pueblo and Gunnison. I think there must be a money vortex there. A couple of wealthy ranching families attracted some new money people, and things just snowballed. Lucky for all those young women who stumble into Eagles Toe, looking for true love!

Will Jeff ever find true love or is he destined to be nothing more than a secondary character in the Fineman-Wake drama? 

Regina: Jeff is one of my favorite characters from the first novel, because hes so funny and such a good friend to Kevin. Another great idea for a future book.


Karla deserves her own book. Thats not a question but more of an unsolicited suggestion. I could be more passive-aggressive and say You do think Karla deserves her own book, right? 

Regina: Oh, I couldnt agree more! She shows up in book two and in Krystals Christmas and perhaps when she comes of age, she will get her own book.


Everybody loves Megan. Shes almost too good to be true. When will we see her Dark Side? Will she become Karlas Evil Apprentice or will it be the other way around?

Regina: I suspect that Megans tough side will show up as Kevins political journey continues. Krystal, his mother, gets very excited about the idea of him running for governor someday (in Krystals Christmas). Megan hasnt decided whether she wants the family to go that route or not.


Why are Kevin and Megans dads always yelling and so grumpy all the time? Is it because they have kids? Does that future await Kevin, especially now that he has had to forego his dream of being Paul Bunyan?

Regina: Im sure the kids have something to do with it, but as for Kevins dad, he had anger management issues his whole life, and they just got worse. Megans dad is a noble but sad character. He wants to be a great missionary but cant seem to find a community to serve. I think hes secretly disappointed in himself, and it manifests as anger.


A woman named Cookie works in the kitchen? Was that a coincidence or did these Colorado Billionaires never bother to learn her real name? 

Regina: Cookie is her real name! Or at least a nickname she acquired as a little girl. She loved baking cookies and then loved eating them all herself, so her family told her one day she would turn into a cookie. And there she is!

Thank you for answering our RiDONKulous Questions!