Coming Soon

We have two more audiobooks that will soon be headed to retail:  "Second Chances 101 (A Ripple Effect Romance) by Donna K. Weaver and "Wedding Wager (Colorado Billionaires Book 1)" by Regina Duke.  In the meantime, check both of these out on your Kindle or Paperback from Amazon. 

A sweet clean romance.. Fill your heart with sweet romance. 

Includes a brief excerpt at the end from Sandra Edwards' romance, CRAZY FOR YOU! 

Kevin Wake hates being rich. He despises everything his father stands for, but he can’t abandon his kid sister and baby brother. Their future is tied to his own. When his father threatens to rob them all of their mother’s legacy, Kevin takes bold action to protect what should be theirs. 

Megan Mully is out of the hospital at last. But she’s homeless, jobless, broke and alone. Love is the last thing on her mind. Kevin is just a means to an end. She never expected him to steal her heart!

Thirty-seven-year-old Francie Davis is sure her luck has changed when she lands a job on campus that will pay her tuition. But when her handsome new boss yells at her on the first day of work, Francie learns that the last person you expect to fall in love with might be the one that’s the most perfect for you.