Our Journal from... oh you know where: August 4th, 2014

Where to now St. Peter? That's always been one of my favorite Elton John tunes.  Dig the expression too.  It's especially fitting considering that I've spent so much of the past year hunting down important documents, scanning them, sending them to the proper authorities and all that fun stuff.  Illness, death and insurance... ugh!  My head hurts!  

So what does that have to do with Wishing Rock.  Absolutely nothing!!!  But I can say, the initial recording of "Letters from Wishing Rock" is complete. We have four hours of edited audio awaiting Tiffany's review and then we do our pickups, where we fix things that don't meet our standards of excellence.  These standards are purely subjective so don't ask me for official documentation outlining all these things.  Anyway, after all this is done, we hit the beach for a week.  And wouldn't you know it, predicted temps will be in the low 80's while we are there.  Seriously?  Not to dispute Global Warming or anything, but this has been one seriously mild summer. After the harsh winter we had, we expected an equally harsh summer and now everyone on the East Coast is living in fear of an even worse winter.  Stay tuned.

Sorry to ramble incoherently.  My brain is numb.  So after we get back from the beach, where to now St. Peter?  Well, we will do what we always do, review our process, discuss lessons learned and prepare for book 2 (carryover from my previous life as a consultant, only we operate much less formally).  YEAH!  And if past experience means anything, it should go quicker.  Tiffany has spent so much time with these characters, that she won't have to work through finding a distinct voice for each one.  She has Ruby, Erin and Alexandra down cold.  Sometimes they even join us for dinner.  The kids often look at me as if to say "Daddy, what happened to Mommy?  I mean it looks like mommy, but doesn't really sound like mommy."  I just shake my head as if to say "Say nothing.  Simply smile and nod."  

And the biggest challenge for Tiffany was doing justice to Ed and Jake.  With a few tips from her vocal coach... or is he a narration coach... she has a grip on our dashing heroes.  Well hero! I don't trust Jake.  See previous entry in this journal.  As a father with a daughter, I don't like Jake.  

Speaking of which, after a long day spent in Wishing Rock, I am going to chill and spin my 2 and half year old daughter around in the office chair in here while she squeals with delight and screams "Daddy!  Can you spin me!"  Okay, I'll get to that after she finishes pointing at the cat and saying "Smell my finger."  Yeah, I got nothing.  And I thought her brother was weird. Oi-vey!  These kids are aging me!  I think I need to go to Wishing Rock!