Our Journal From Wishing Rock: Initial Recording of Book 2 is Finished

I'm sure you are all wondering... well someone might be wondering... what happened to our updates from Wishing Rock?  It's been months since we posted anything and given that there are 2 other books to record, you'd think something was up.  Well, yes and no!  There's this thing called LIFE (Not the game but the actual experience) and it gets in the way.  We had the start of school, our Hope Walk for HD in memory of Wendi Williams, a weekend journey to Goochland, VA for our son to attend Comfort Zone Camp (A camp for kids who have lost a parent, a sibling or a primary caregiver), recording a couple of new tunes, and a plethora of other activities.  Cool... I wrote plethora.  Although if you say it out loud several times over and over, it just sounds weird.  

Anyway, through it all we have been working diligently on "The Wishing Rock Theory of Life", Book 2 of the trilogy.  And yesterday Tiffany managed to record the last letter.  Of course, that does not mean it's done.  Almost... but not quite.  We have to edit it, review it, and fix anything that may need fixing.  It can be grueling and tedious work.  But as the cold air moves in, it's nice sitting and working next to my intelligent space heater... AKA - my computer.  And does anyone else remember when a Polar Vortex was simply called a cold front or a blast of Arctic Air.  Polar Vortex just sounds to me like a circle of polar bears have joined paws and are playing Ring Around the Rosie to the death.  No bear will be left standing, as they will all fall down, their wish will all blow away  and the resulting cold wind will blanket the earth.... MUHAHAHAHAHAH!  Santa's sleigh will never break through the Polar Vortex!!  

Okay, I'm done.  Hopefully we'll have more Wishing Rock news as we get closer to finalizing the book here in the next week or so.  And if you haven't already, check out "Letters from Wishing Rock".  It'll make a wonderful Christmas gift for the people you truly care about in life.  

And for no apparent reason, I will attach a YouTube video from the movie "The Muppets Most Wanted."  As we have worked on Theory of Life during the afternoon, I often hear over the baby monitor, our daughter singing this song loudly to herself, or her stuffed animals.  It's quite funny.  But it's also a really cool song.