Our Journal from Wishing Rock: July 22, 2014

I can't believe it has been 8 days.... 8 days since my last entry.  If I were a Beatle, that would be one week.  

And indeed, we have been busy capturing the daily goings on and exchanges of our Wishing Rock residents.  In fact we even went back and redid a few parts because...  well, without going into technical details, when your recording environment changes, sometimes it takes time to get the settings where you want them.  And sometime around late March and early April, Wishing Rock time,  I found the optimal settings.  And this required a rerecording of Alexandra and some Ruby.  February may be okay.  I'll have to go back with my finely tuned engineering ears and listen closely.  

And of course, we did have a busy weekend in there.  Tiffany set up a team page for our Team Hope Walk for Huntington's Disease.  We are walking for a second year in this fund-raising event, only this year we will be walking in remembrance of instead of in tribute to my first wife and my son's mother, Wendi Williams, who passed away after an 8 year long battle with the horrible disease.  Please check out our team page to learn more.   I'll write more about Wendi at a later date as we get closer to the event.  Suddenly my blog sounds very Millie like.  Only, unlike Millie, this is an actual blog.  Ben, you really do need to stop by and show Millie how to do a blog.  Just sayin'.  

So where are we in Wishing Rock history.  Today we finished up June and are well into July.  Our Femme Fatale trio of Ruby, Erin and Alexandra are about to embark on a road trip through Scotland following Pip's nuptials.  Sort of like Gran's Angels European Vacation. It's funny... because Chevy Chase actually isn't in it.  

Well, at least this week there hasn't been any mention of a Dogwinkle's Penis, so we got that going for us.  But we will have another sneak peek later this week... wow, I just busted a rhyme yo!  Anyway, tomorrow is a busy day for our own personal Alexandra who really should be NAPPING RIGHT NOW.  Note to self:  Hurry up and write the blog on WBMR - Baby Monitor Radio.  Although if you are reading this from the western side of the Mississippi, it would be KBMR.  As I was saying, busy day for our little one tomorrow, editing day for me, and Tiffany will be honing her mad narrating skillz with famed narrator Sean Allan Pratt.  So stay tuned.