Our Journal from Wishing Rock: July 29, 2014

I'm so far behind, I might run into my own butt.  At least that's how it feels some days. However, I can say the initial recording of "Letters from Wishing Rock" has been completed.  Well, mostly... we still have to let Ed and Jake have their say.  In the meantime, it's time for me to edit, edit, and edit.  I have to put it all together and make it sound cohesive, clean out all of Tiffany's Super Sonic mouth noises, and remove any other extraneous noises that may have crept in.  That last part will be less of an issue now that we have our booth.  Have I mentioned the booth before now?  But every so often Tiffany may shift ever so slightly and the chair may express displeasure, or a mic cable will attack the mic stand, or who knows what.  

Of course, we occasionally still have issues with planes coming in low and hard and landing on our rooftop or driveway.  Seriously, you would think we lived at the end of a runway some days.  The airport is 20 minutes away and a little to the west.  But if the clouds are a little low and wind a little high, then the pilots must assume it's okay to land outside our house.  Yeah, I don't get it either.   But no matter how awesome the sound booth, when a plane is low enough to rattle the house and windows, it's going to make a guest appearance in the recording.  Of course, as an engineer, I realize it's all low frequency noise that I filter out anyway, but it's still annoying as hell.  

I'm sure you're all saying, "But Sean, after all that, do we finally get to buy this awesome audio version of Pam's amazing work that you and Tiffany have recorded ."  Well, not exactly.  From there we do "pick-ups" or as some in the biz like to call them "CRXs" for corrections.  It's mostly redoing a line or passage here and there that may have had a mumbled word, a weird mouth thingy that can't be filtered out, or the sound of our audio equipment inside the booth reenacting West Side Story.  Luckily, pick-ups don't take nearly as long as the initial recording.  A good day can knock those out.  Then we master and bounce and post to ACX for Pam's review.  And then Pam may come back and say "you're putting the emphasis on Penis when it should be on Dogwinkle. Can you fix that."  Then Tiffany will pull the "I'm an artist" card and Pam may come back with an "I'm the author" rebuttal and Washington, DC and Washington state develop frosty relations that have far reaching geopolitical ramifications across the globe.  Or we do what we always do, fix it lickety split, no worries involved and move forward.  We're pretty agreeable that way.  

And then on to Book Two!  Which will be an even funner.... okay, more fun experience!  Wow spell-check kept funner.  What is the English language coming to?  Anyway, then on to Book 3, and after that I will be sad.  No more Wishing Rock for Sean and Tiffany. I guess we'll just pay more attention to our kids and stuff.